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Elegantly Portugal in 8 days

Elegantly Portugal Private Tour

Explore Portugal in detail with the comfort of a Lisbon and Porto based stay only! Private tours daily and three different budget oriented hotel selections will make this perfect for your holidays!

Elegantly Portugal in 8 days

The "Elegantly Portugal" overnight tour was designed with the goal (accomplished) of promoting a one week private program in Portugal, but with controlled costs without decreasing the service quality for which we are known. This was achieved bearing several concepts in mind such as:
- Offering 3 hotel categories, all of them with great charm, but with different final prices for the level of service that each one of them provides. The client chooses and has the flexibility of adapting it to the intended final price.
- Staying based in two main cities of Portugal, such as Lisbon and Porto, and explore Portugal from these two places only. This concept allows us to reduce the costs of having our professionals out of their base.
- The trip between Lisbon and Porto will be made by train in first class, allowing you to have a very comfortable trip with lower travelling costs when compared to a private transfer and granting the change of enjoying a leisure afternoon in Porto. The transfers to/from the train station are optional, for those willing to add them or not to the final price.
- The private tours are escorted by an official tour guide most of the days and in other cases with a Tourism Driver (specified in the day by day program), for a better control of the costs. However, you'll always have our highly qualified professionals at your disposal.
- We have included a free day in Lisbon, to give you the possibility to explore the city on your own.

With this program you will have the chance of knowing Portugal in depth while staying very comfortably and well accommodated in the charming hotels we've selected. While enjoying private services, that will provide an optimization of your time, you will also benefit from the superior guest oriented skills and information given by our professionals. All of this with the comfort, exclusivity and class of enjoying a tour in private, at flexible and affordable prices!


Elegantly Portugal in 8 days

Day 1 - Arrival in Lisbon, private transfer with driver and accommodation at hotel for 4 nights.

Suggested hotels, grouped by level of prices:

A) Ritz Four Seasons ***** / Lapa Palace *****
B) Pousada de Lisboa ***** / Pestana Palace *****
C) Avani Av. Liberdade **** / Hotel Britania ****

Day 2 - Guided visit to the city of Lisbon, Estoril Coast and Sintra with official guide.

Day 3 - Free day in Lisbon for personal activities.

Day 4 - Departure to Évora for a visit of the city with official guide and visiting a winery, including wine tasting.

Day 5 - Hotel check-out and departure to Porto by train, in 1º class. Leisure afternoon in Porto. Accommodation in Porto for 3 nights.

Suggested hotels, grouped by level of prices:

A) The Yeatman ***** / Intercontinental Porto *****
B) Infante de Sagres *****/ Pousada do Freixo
C) Hotel do Teatro ****

Day 6 - Full Day Tour of Porto with driver (and guide in the morning period).

Day 7 - Visit of Minho region: Guimarães and Braga, with driver.

Day 8 - Hotel Check-out and private transfer to Porto airport.
(or optional return to Lisbon by 1º class train and extra night in Lisbon at hotel to be suggested)

Day 9 (optional, if you return to Lisbon) - Hotel Check-out and private transfer to Lisbon airport.


To obtain more details of this trip,
prices and general conditions, please consult us and ask for the brochure of
this program.

Please feel free to contact us for more information or booking: or using our Reservations form.




Elegantly Portugal in 8 days

Lisbon, capital of Portugal, located at the mouth of the Tagus River and from where the Portuguese boats set sail overseas in the 15th and 16th centuries towards East. At that time, the Maritime Discoveries period, the city became the centre of a large empire, still visible in the monuments of Belém section. Well known for its historic traditional neighborhoods you'll be amazed with the sections of Chiado, Bairro alto and Alfama as well as the Castle of Saint George and the gorgeous views you can enjoy from the top of its hill.

Sintra and Estoril Coast. Among the sites you shall not miss in Portugal there's Sintra, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO for the great beauty of its nature and architecture, with fairy tale palaces and lush vegetation. Estoril Coast is a place of charm and aristocratic traditions that you'll meet along the Atlantic Ocean, the white sandy beaches and magnificent fortresses from the 17th century.

Évora is a beautiful small town in the Alentejo region. Still surrounded by the old walls it is a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and will attract you for its medieval appearance, the narrow streets, the historic centre and the kindness of the locals. Amongst several interesting monuments, you shall not miss the Roman Temple from the 1st century, unique of this kind in both Portugal and Spain. This is also the perfect place for a great gastronomic and wine experience, as this is one of the regions in Portugal with more traditional and quality at this level. You shall not miss the opportunity of having a meal in one of the city's restaurants.

Porto is at the same time the name of a city and a fortified wine, one of the most famous in the world, aged at the wine cellars of Vila Nova de Gaia, next to the Douro River. Its historical center has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and preserves many beautiful monuments, namely from the Baroque period which is contemporary to the glory and wealth achieved with the trade of Port Wine. You shall not miss a visit to the Cathedral (Sé), the Church of Saint Francis and the Clérigos Tower.

Guimarães is the cradle of Portugal as this is where our first king, Afonso Henriques, was born and where he began the nation. You shall not miss the visit of the Ducal Palace, the Castle and walking along the narrow streets of the historic centre (declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO) till the charming Praça da Oliveira (Oliveira Square).

Braga is known for its religious past, due to the importance and power of the church, still visible in the numerous churches and other religious buildings standing out the Cathedral (the oldest of Portugal) and the monumental Sanctuary of Bom Jesus de Braga.