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Manor Houses - Solares de Portugal

Manor Houses - Solares de Portugal

Many Solares de Portugal have played host to same family for hundreds of years and often date back to the 17th and 18th Centuries.

Manor Houses - Solares de Portugal

Solares de Portugal are family homes as opposed to hotels, offering a very different kind of holiday experience with that "personal touch". All these houses have been arranged into three distinct groups: Casas Antigas, Quintas e Herdades and Casas Rústicas.

"Casas Antigas" (Manor and Stately Houses)

"Casas Antigas" are elegant manor houses and stately houses most often originating from the 17th and 18th Centuries. Their architecture is of a great heritage significance, the various styles reflect the distinct chapters in the history of Portugal. "Casas Antigas" are replenished with period furniture, family heirlooms and several well-known and valued works of art. Guests may stay in the main house with the host family, or if preferred, some houses have adjacent cottages where visitors may still enjoy the family atmosphere.

"Quintas e Herdades" (Country States and Farms)

"Quintas e Herdades" are country estates and agricultural farms, within a rural setting and atmosphere, whose main houses encompass architectural styles from the classic to the rustic.

"Casas Rústicas" (Cottages and Rustic Houses)

"Casas Rústicas" are distinguished by their type of construction, being of simple architectural style and using regional materials. Generally of a smaller dimensions, they contain simple and practical, but comfortable furnishings. Tehy offer an excellent opportunity to appreciate the peace and tranquility of the country life.

If you simply want to book a Solar (Manor House) or if you wish to spend part of your holidays in different "Solares", please consult us to design a bespoke itinerary: or using our Reservations form.