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The Pousadas de Portugal are a chain of over 40 exclusive and historic hotels, located throughout Portugal

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Only for players sensitive to a beautiful landscape...

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Fall in love with Lisbon through the lens of your camera

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Come to surf in the Portuguese waves!

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Lisbon Photo Tour

Lisbon Photo Tour

You've probably heard about Lisbon's fantastic light and, what we suggest you, is to discover it through your lens!

Lisbon Photo Tour

It is impossible to come to Lisbon and not fall in love! Do not fall for its light, its corners, its smells, for its people, ... And it's impossible not to want to take home every experience, every bit of color and light, every smell, every taste, ... Therefore, in the company of an excellent professional photographer, through a different ride through Lisbon, we'll help you find and save wonders!
Discover every pebble of the Portuguese cobblestone walking around  historic neighborhoods, discovering the city of the seven hills and its sights. Admire the facades covered with tiles, wrought iron balconies and laundry drying out in the windows, in the old quarters of the city. Stroll among churches and monasteries, castles and mansions and live for a day like a true Lisbon inhabitant. Up and down, like a roller coaster, amused by the frenzy of old trams and lifts of the city and stop! Stop and take a deep breath to capture a detail, a moment, a singularity, ... and then taste Portugal in one of the fantastic restaurants that open the door and let out the smell of freshly cooked homemade food. Take a coffee in a terrace with views, eat a Pastel de Belém and see places that even some Lisbon's inhabitants are unaware of.
But above all, enjoy and photograph, we want this day to be unforgettable!


To obtain more details, please, see our half-day Lisbon Photo Tour.

If you want to know the marvelous work of Mr. Artur Lourenço (yes, we are huge fans), please visit his blog here.

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