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Portugal is a wonderful country with many different types of scenery and with a great cultural diversity. Come discover with us...

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For those willing to deeply explore our beautiful country, the best option is to choose an overnight tour escorted by our professionals.

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Tours For You designed some Self-Drive Itineraries for those travelers who prefer to visit Portugal in an independent way.

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Charming Hotels in Portugal

The most charming hotels collection

An independent selection regarding the service, decoration, comfort and (very relevant) including our famous Portuguese Hospitality.

Pousadas de Portugal

You'll feel the history alive here

The Pousadas de Portugal are a chain of over 40 exclusive and historic hotels, located throughout Portugal

Manor Houses - Solares de Portugal

Holidays with a "personal touch"

Solares de Portugal are family homes as opposed to hotels.

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Exquisite selection

We believe that there should be an accommodation for everyone and that every client has its specific interests.

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TFY Events, a brand from Tours For You. When quality and creativity meet...

Tours For You Spain

Discover Spain. Your Spain.

Experience a country like no other. Starting by being a lot of “countries”.

Sailing in Lisbon

Step aboard a sailboat

Come and see the sight from another perspective!

Playing Golf in Portugal

Discover the best golf courses of Europe

Only for players sensitive to a beautiful landscape...

Lisbon Photo Tour

A different perspective of the city

Fall in love with Lisbon through the lens of your camera

Surf in Portugal

Discover our sea...

Come to surf in the Portuguese waves!

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Portugal with a Bike!

Cycling itineraries blending adventure, authenticity and our beautiful gastronomy...with us Tours for You!

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For Travel Agents

If you are a Travel Agent looking forward to find a partner in Portugal, we will be glad to establish a partnership with your company! Many travel agents and tour operators abroad have discovered Tours For You to work with and since then, they look to the potential that Portugal has to offer with other eyes. Our way to proceed is indeed "out-of-the-box" and we are very flexible in order to achieve our partners best needs.

Meanwhile, please check the following 3 topics below, so that you can have an instant picture about Tours For You:
How do we describe ourselves? (in case you didn't pass through the About Us section)

We're an Incoming Tour Operator and D.M.C. (Destination Management Company) in Portugal, focused in developing charming, luxury & experiential travel services and special events. Our specialization is to provide tailor-made, personalized and creative travel planning, where all details are important. We've started our business in 2003 and we became a Virtuoso On-Site to Portugal in January 2008 as a natural recognition of our reliable and special way of work (and we're the only Portuguese Virtuoso On-Site). We are also the only Ensemble Travel Group On-Location to Portugal as well as for American Express Crafted Journeys Program, Traveller Made  and Travel Leaders Group. Two other unique references to mention about our accolades: since 2009 that we've been elected by the respected New York based Travel Magazine Condé Nast Traveler as the "TOP Travel Specialist to Portugal" (one of only 150 Top Travel Specialists in the World nominated by Condé Nast Traveler) and, Tours For You is also the only Portuguese DMC selected to attend very exclusive and "by invitation only" Travel Events since the very first editions (like Pure Life Experiences since 2009, Travel Week São Paulo, in Brazil, since 2011 and Limited Edition Miami since 2013).


Service Highlights:

We are passionate to provide a great pre-sales service, giving all needed support to partner travel consultants when assisting their customer's requests and always with a very quick answer from our side. Also, we have a very deep knowledge of bespoke travel solutions in Portugal, having great relationships with local hotels and other suppliers, important for the creation of "the" special travel package, including insider's access for the genuine experience, whenever requested. What does this means? Our client will experiment an infallible and memorable stay while in Portugal and with a local contact for any support they'll need (24h/7d).


What makes our service different from others?

We have the most original and diversified travel solutions available in Portugal (from the most charming guided tours to a complete offer of excellent self-drive tours packs, designed for independent travelers and, not forgetting our special events organization) and we keep constantly improving year after year. Our friendly, homogeneous and efficient back office support is also raved by our partners. Due to our great networking, our clients are also treated as "Kings and Queens" by our local suppliers and partners (hotels, guides, transports, restaurants…).

It's also very important to refer that Tours For You has been recently nominated for 5 times (2010, 2011, 2015, 2018 & 2019), as the organizer of one of the best 5 Virtuoso Voyager Club Events in the entire World (more than 100 Top Class DMCs around the world participate in these events). In 2014 Virtuoso nominated us as one of the best 5 On-Site Providers in the World. In 2015, Tours For You was also nominated for the "Best Local Destination Management Company" in the World, by the Awards of Excellence from Luxury Travel Advisor.

These are great accolades that reveals the potential of Tours For You when creating and operating special events, and being nominated by Virtuoso, a very demanding and upscale travel consortium, we know that we should be proud of it.


 2010 Nominee


2011 Nominee


2014 Nominee


2018 Nominee


 2019 Nominee

For more detailed understanding about our services, please be our guest and browse through our website. We would love to hear from you.


Thank you!

Please feel free to contact us for more information:

Nuno Tavares, Owner & CEO

He's an Electronic Engineer and after some years working in the telecommunications area as an engineer, he decided to invest and start his own business. Since he always loved personalized and charming tourism and, enjoyed very much staying far away from the crowds (as a traveler), he decided to create a travel company with this ideal of service, combining also a great care to detail and with the customer. "I've decided to start a company that could design tourism services for clients as discerning as myself. Many people asked me why I've left the engineering area. I always answer that I didn't: I think that the engineer capabilities that I've learnt and developed are important to manage any kind of business and I'm using them here at Tours For You, believe it or not! QoS (acronym meaning Quality of Service) is an important factor in Engineering as it is in Tourism ;-)"

Tânia Dias, Director of Sales

Graduated in Tourist Management - Tourist Products.  Her curiosity to travel and meet new people, cultures and their traditions, has always been there. She believes and admires her country, and feels the huge potential of Portugal in all its "corners", which she always has been so eager to experience herself. Her career began in the area of conception and production of Events, and alongside with the passion for Portugal, were the main reasons to wish and create unique and exquisite experiences for those who visit us. 

Gonçalo Correia, C00

Graduated in Tourism - Tourist Information. He thinks the best way to welcome someone is to show every single secret place, by which he eventually fell in love with during his own life. After a few life experiences abroad he still thinks that Portugal is the best place in the World and that is exactly what he wants to show to everyone who's visiting our country. "What would you say, if someone would love to know all the details about your house, your garden, your World?"- these are the ideas of this travel consultant that is only waiting for you to arrive!

Ana Rodrigues, Travel Consultant

With a Master Degree in Tourism Destinations. The passion for tourism starts when she was a young girl, with her father and his culture about the world. Since then, she started to visit castles, monasteries, museums and palaces and was on that time that she decided to study Tourism Information. Now, her priority is to show the most amazing places to visitors, those ones that you cannot find in the guide book, and to pass her knowledge about History to you.

Pablo Calvo, Spain Manager

Graduated in History of Art and Master Degree in Cultural Heritage Management, he has been knowing every single corner in Spain for years: medieval villages, urban routes, worldwide known monuments and archaeological sites, natural spots, museums… After working in some of the most important museums in Spain, he successfully developed his skills and experience in a family-run travel agency before joining our team. Nowadays, despite he is living in Portugal and loving it, he focuses his passion for his country of birth in arranging the best available experien-ces for travelers visiting the Iberian Peninsula and showing its strengths like the well-known gastronomy, festivals, historical cities and unique landscapes.

Luísa Dionisio, Sub-Director of Operations

Graduated in Tourism - Tourist Information. She grew up on a place where travelers from all over the world used to arrive, and that's how this passion about knowing different cultures turned into the most special feeling. Her will of travel made her talented to welcome  those who arrive… Portugal is her Home. While travelling around, you will start an adventure discovering all the most spectacular sights of Portugal. Every place will be magical.

Bernardete Quintela, Director of Events

Graduated in Science Communications, she has worked for eight years at Atout France, promoting France as tourist destination in Portugal. With dual nationality, she has known Portugal as a holiday destination since childhood and is accustomed to regularly advise friends and family in the choice of their tours. Passionate about the world of tourism and fascinated by the diversity of experiences offered by this country, she has always wanted to share the best that exists in Portugal.

Sofia Catarino, Wedding Planner

Graduated in Leisure Management and Tourism Entertainment and with a master degree in Tourism - Events' Strategic Management. Tourism appeared in her life by chance, but soon she realized that create unique and memorable moments was her vocation. She loves travelling and to know different cultures, because she believes that those are the experiences that made her become the person she is today. The event world is something that fascinates her because it challenges her creativity every day and makes her create memorable and unforgettable scenarios.

Sara Sardinha, Villa Manager

Graduated in Tourism - Tourist Information. Tour guide by "accident", she used to spend her summer holidays travelling inside the country with her family thus developing an extreme admiration and love for Portugal. She loves what she does and she loves to show other people that "good things come in small packages" which means that although Portugal is a small country, it has so much to offer. She likes to show Portuguese culture, traditions, gastronomy, history and leave people with the wish to return.

Tiago Falcão, Travel Consultant

Graduated in Tourism - Tourism Information. A very lucky guy for he was fortunate enough to be born portuguese, which would define all of his live and career. As popular wisdom would state "He loves what he does and does what he loves". But, what is so special about being portuguese? At first glance Portugal is a relatively small and unknown country, but at the same time so incredibly rich in heritage, nature, history, gastronomy and especially friendliness, that it deserves to be visited. "And that's what I'm here for. To try my best to show you the most fascinating corners of my country and to welcome you in the bosom of the Lusitanian spirit!" Visit Portugal and you'll see that it's worth it!

Joana Brilha, Travel Consultant

Graduated in Hospitality Management and Master in Management. Since I was a child that I love to travel for the thrill of knowing one more piece of Earth, to breathe new air, feel on my feet other lands, meet people and cultures. Allied to this passion, emerges the interest in the world of hospitality & tourism through the stories told by my grandparents, when I was a child, about a family guest house they had, where I felt in their words the love for have reached a dream and to have hosted guests from all world have become great friends of the family. Today, I share with all my heart and soul, my passion for every corner of this country with those who want to visit and experience, keeping the personal ambition to provide unique experiences to those who visit us.



Sónia Ribeiro, Financial Controller

Graduated in Business Management. Having always developed her professional activity in the financial area and collaborated with multinational companies operating in various industries such as logistics and food production, it was with great enthusiasm that she joined the financial department of Tours For You.

"Portugal was given me to know by my parents. It will be forever in my memories the journeys where we set out on adventures throughout our little, big country... to all who decide to visit us we surely have a great quality product to offer. "



Rita Figueiredo, Travel Consultant

Graduated in Tourism Information, believes that travelling is a way of personal enrichment. Having started a degree in Biology, she eventually decided to accomplish her mother's life-long dream: to work in tourism. That is what makes her feel truly fulfilled, being able to learn more and more each day about the country she loves so much, as well as about other cultures, and showing others the singularity of Portugal.

Filipa Correia, Designer

With a Master Degree in Architecture and a specialization in Graphic Design she seeks to grow in an area that has always captivated and motivated her. She values creativity and originality and aims to present Portugal in the most varied forms, from small details to large national icons.

She believes in the potential of her country and she sees in it numerous sources of inspiration: it is full of artists, poets and musicians who value its culture; it contains a great diversity of landscapes and buildings; and it is unique in gastronomy. She  appreciates the generosity and friendliness of its people and considers that this corner of Europe is a special place to visit.


Andreia Marques, Financial Assistant

Graduated in Human Resources, she joined the Financial Department bringing her experience in administrative functions such as billing, accounting and human resources skills.
With her family, she has explored Portugal since she was a child. She loves travelling and meeting different cultures. She continues to believe that Portugal is a unique place in terms of the diversity that it has to offer, even having already visited other countries. 
A country with an immense history, amazing landscapes, an authentic and welcoming people, make Portugal a stunning place to visit.

Edgar Rodrigues, Travel Consultant

Graduated in Tourism - Heritage and Tourist Information, with post-graduation in Tour Guiding. He was born in the cradle of a family from the interior of Portugal, playing in Templar castles full of mysticism, having his father as mentor, for his background in restaura-tion. This experience awoke a special interest in history and legends. Passionate about the wonderful diversity that Portugal offers, by its people, its smiles, its customs, stories and charms even in the humblest villages, as well as extremely rich in gastronomic experien-ces, and divinely wines worth saluting Diónysos! Determined to commit himself completely to those who visit us, showing that despite living in a small country in size, it is absolutely huge in heart!

Madalena Somsen, Travel Consultant

Graduated in Tourism and Hospitality Management - Tourism Business Management, discovered the sector of Tourism by mere chance and, when she did, she realized what really means to work with passion. She started by getting to know and get little experience in the Hospitality area and, being in direct contact with the clients, realized that there's nothing more rewarding than being able to show others the best of our country. Her passion for travelling and for Portugal means that, at Tours For You, she can show to all the curious, all the secrets and corners that only few people know about and, with is, provide a personalized, different and unique experience to those who want to know our country!


Vanessa Soares, Travel Consultant

Graduated in Business Communication and recently returned from Sao Paulo, tourism has been part of her life since she was young. The two key points of her academic background - tourism and communications - made her end up working in the events related to the hotel industry. Traveling and getting to know every corner of the world is, without a doubt, her fuel. Fascinated by the North of Portugal, she will always have a spark in her eyes when she tries to suggest a special corner, which will give unique experiences and unforgettable moments to someone. She's in love with the world and expects this feeling could positively impact all the people around her.

Penélope Lima, Travel Consultant

Degreed in Architecture and Fashion Design. Luso-Belgian, completely fascinated by Portugal. She chose to call Portugal as Home. After several different experiences on the Tourism and Hospitality sector, she started to feel the passion of sharing Portugal enchant-ments. She Loves the delicious and irresistible Portuguese gastronomy, the amazing monuments that could absolutely illustrate a story tale, and the diversity of the fabulous Landscapes: the sea, the mountains, the sun. She considers Portugal as an unique and unforgettable country, because she believes you will always experience authentic sensations.

Catarina Pestana, Travel Consultant

With a Tourism & Events Master´s Degree. She is an amazing story teller. Unpredictably she fell in love with this stunning country where the ruins are historical heritage. She brings with her what she believes she can share with others: travel hints & tips. She thinks that it is impossible to put in words our charm, people, beauty and traditions. With that feeling she hopes to captivate those with whom she talks about traveling. One thing she can ensure: anyone who visit Portugal will never forget it. Taking with you the Portuguese word that express missing someone/something, and that doesn't exist in any other language, "Saudade".

Héléna Fignier, Travel Consultant

Graduated in Translation Studies, of French nationality and Spanish schooling has always considered Portugal as her home where she was welcomed with open arms. She loves to travel and multi-cultural environments. For this reason, she decided to enter in the tourism world. Fascinated by the diversity and traditions that Portugal offers between the castles; the "Calçada"; the beaches; the gardens and many more, from North to South. Her goal is to share the beauty and enchantment of this country. How can you resist to the "Lusitano's" charm!

Maria Xavier, Travel Consultant

Maria Xavier graduated and completed her Master in Tourism. She had the opportunity to travel around the world on the job, however as many countries as she has known, none match her country of origin - Portugal! This small place condenses in an area of ​​93000 square kilometers an enormous set of pieces, forming a small puzzle of pure variety. Passionate for the gastronomic, cultural, landscape and social diversity that Portugal presents, are the details of this small country that more likes to emphasize and to show to those who visit us.

Alexandra Tormenta, Travel Consultant

Graduated in Touristic Operations Management, the passion for Portugal diversity started in an early age and was encouraged by several trips, from North to South of Portugal, she made with her parents. The desire to know the World and the professional path led to more distant stops, far destinations, exotic tastes and colors. But this experience of building itineraries and experiences in these destinations only increased the dream to do the same in her country and show every genuine place, authentic Portuguese food, our culture and History. Always with characteristic hospitality of Portuguese people!

Inês Zhu, Travel Consultant

Graduated in Tourism. Since a very young age, she believes that the good things in life should be shared. Tourism is her greatest passion and she has always loved sharing all the different experiences and sensations that has she felt during her travels with friends and family as a way of advising them for future travels of their own, so that they could have the same fantastic experience or even a better one. Today as a Travel Consultant, she has the pleasure of sharing her knowledge in Tourism with people from all over the world and the opportunity to contribute in the creation of unforgettable memories that you will want to share with your loved ones.

Pedro Pinto, Travel Consultant

Graduated in Tourism, Leisure and Heritage, from a young age he left Portugal to explore new destinations and absorb their culture. After several stays in different countries, either living or just passing by, he never found a place that he thought that was as magical as his Portugal.

Above all, he likes to consider himself an explorer, always trying to find brand new places to inspire him.

Rita Henriques, Travel Consultant

With a degree in Tourism and a master's degree in Cultural Management, from the beginning she began to travel in family to every corner of the country, so she always liked to know and explore new places. Later, she started with bigger jumps and the passion for travelling and getting to know distinct cultures. After having lived in different cities, she realized that her vocation was to return to her own and letting others know what, in her eyes, Portugal has the best: magnificent landscapes, unique cuisine and authentic people.